Chippenham Vision

Why have a Vision?

To be clear about we are trying to accomplish

Chippenham is one of the largest towns in Wiltshire and for many people it is an attractive, pleasant place to live. However, developments over the years have not always resulted in benefits for the whole town. The town centre for example has not been able to grow with the town resulting in many people going elsewhere for their shopping. A lot of traffic heading to and from the M4 has to travel through the congested centre of town. The railway line divides the town in two and the town makes little of its beautiful riverfront.

Furthermore things are constantly changing. There is considerable retail and leisure competition from Bristol, Bath and Swindon. Many people commute out to jobs elsewhere. There is a shortage of affordable housing in the town. Climate change is expected to have impacts across all areas of our lives.

Local people have said they want more jobs for local people, better shops, more opportunities for the young, better facilities for the old, a more vibrant and active town centre that is a pleasure to visit.

The Chippenham Vision therefore sets how the town will be better in the future, our goals and ultimate objective to make the town a truly great place to live, work and visit.

To state this clearly in order to gather support and commitment from others

The Vision needs to be understood by all. We have produced a Vision Statement which describes what the town will be like in the future. That statement has been produced not only by the organisations that make up the Chippenham Vision but also by the public through extensive consultation and debate.

The Vision cannot be achieved by any one organisation, it needs the combined efforts of all partners and the backing of local people. The Vision is ambitious and inspirational but it most importantly, achievable. 

To be able to ask of any activity – ‘How does this help achieve our Vision?’

Chippenham has lots of great things going for it including its history, location, architecture, natural environment – and of course its people!

The Chippenham Vision is working to make to most of these qualities ensuring that any development, project or activity benefits and improves the town - all in partnership with local people, businesses, councils and community groups.

Our Vision sees what is possible

Our mission is to put that Vision into practice